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Single page scrolling website examples

Single page scrolling website design portfolio examples that Website Adelaide has built over the last years, using WordPress with Divi theme allowing creative custom website design.

Single page websites – great for mobiles

A single page website can be a great solution for a smaller website. It can also make them look  “bigger”, more modern and impressive. When you scroll down on a long page, filled with beautiful text areas and images, it will make the website seem bigger. However probably the most important factor is that it is great for mobiles and small devices.

Single page websites are user friendly

More and more websites are designed this way now as it is part of building a website so it is user friendly one could say. Instead of trying to click on the menu in a mobile to go to a new page and read a paragraph or two, you only need to keep scrolling. We love that when we are surfing on a mobile, and more and more people do!

Obviously, a single page website is not a ideal for every business website, but we would say that it is more often a good solution than we practice. Sometimes we can also extend the website and leave the blog on a separate page and maybe even a few other pages. But the idea is to have as much information on one page as possible.

Single pages websites can be good for SEO

Some years back, it was trickier to build long pages as we did not have the same internet speed. Long pages with big images was a problem then and since we have much faster internet now, we can create really long pages. So one could also argue that one of the benefits of a single page website, would be SEO. Google and the search engines do not appreciate a website page with only a paragraph or two, but appreciates a website page with lots of text. A page with very little text, runs a big risk of not being indexed at all by the search engines.

Examples of single page websites

Here are some websites we have designed that are single page website designs and some of them might have added blog function on a separate page. This is the way the internet is moving to for smaller websites.

Websites that can grow endlessly

If you land on one of these websites and see more than 1 page, the website has grown. It was initially built and designed as a one page / long scroll website, but have since then grown and pages have been added. This is one of the advantages with having a website built in WordPress, the website can grow at any time and endlessly.

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