One page website

Here are some examples of one page website designs that Website Adelaide has built over the last few years, all built using WordPress with Divi theme which allows creative custom website designs. First, let us describe what a one page website is versus a multipage website.

What is a one page website?

A one page website is also known as

Single page website

One page scroll website

One scroll page website

Single page scrolling website

One page scrolling website

Long page scroll website

One page websites can sometimes look like multi-page websites at first glance, but instead of taking the user to new pages when a menu item is clicked, it simply scrolls down the page to the relevant section.

The benefits of one page websites

Advantages of a one page website

Mobile friendly as everything is scrolling

Simple to navigate - everything is on one page

Great for small businesses with a limited budget

Ideal for sales or landing pages

Great way to get an initial online presence that can grow and expand with your business

One page website – great for mobiles

A one page website can be a great solution for a smaller business and they are great for mobile phones, ipads and small touch screen devices. Scrolling is a natural and easy movement on a phone and around 60% of websites are viewed on a mobile device.

One page websites are user friendly

One page websites as user friendly and ideally suited to sales or landing pages. Instead of clicking between pages that have little content, you can simply scroll down the page to quickly and easily find all the information you need.

One page website – cost effective

One page websites can be designed with a menu and are a cost-effective way to get your business online, particularly if you have limited text content. If you are a new business, we can get a single page website online very quickly to help build your domain authority, and then build out and add new pages as your business grows.

Establishing an online presence with a one page website

Many small businesses use one page websites to establish an online presence. With a small website, you can focus on quality and not quantity. You can target a single keyword and fill the page with beautiful images and nice text, to make your website seem bigger. Plus we can always add more pages and content as your business and budget grows.

One page website has the flexibility to grow

Here at Website Adelaide, every website we design is built to be flexible and responsive. We build WordPress websites because they offer a fantastic platform meaning we can quickly and easily add additional pages and new content, to allow your website to grow and change along with your business requirements.

Once you have a one page website, we can add more pages to help you with SEO or add additional functionality like a shop to enable you to sell 24/7 directly from your website.