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The Float Room in Adelaide already had a website but needed a better e-commerce solution. We built them a responsive website in WordPress and combined it with Woocommerce which is an E-commerce system for WordPress. This change made it much more automated and easy to administer. With a new fresh design and with on-page SEO in mind, the website is now functioning well and easy to update and add content to.

The Float Room offers floating sessions here in Adelaide. I had the pleasure of trying it out and it was amazing. I am a full on person, can work day and night, and not much will calm me down. I was so relaxed the rest of the day, that I could not work 🙂 I will go back very soon and warmly recommend their services. The Float Room also offers massage, reflexology and counseling and have lovely facilities.

One of the therapists working there, is Abby Takarabe who offers Remedial, Relaxation and Chinese cupping. She also teaches Yoga in facilities just next to The Float Room and Website Adelaide build her a website some time ago. Visit Yoho Health on

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July 22, 2016