How to check website traffic

Free website analytics – Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free-to-use platform by Google that tracks website and app performance. You can set up a free account and connect it with your website. The platform gives you a full picture of how your website is performing. It will collect all the data for you as long as you have the code active.

Here are some data you will find inside your Google Analytics:

  • How many visitors your website pages get.
  • Where visitors come from when they visit your different website pages.
  • What visitors do on your pages.
  • How visitors interact with elements on your pages.
  • How long visitors spend on your website pages.
  • and much more

Free online test to check if your website is connected to Google Analytics

There are many ways to do this, but here is a free fantastic tool for you to use and you will find out within a few seconds.

Google Analytics test

If your website is connected and you want to read the statistics go to Google Analytics and login. 

Your Google Analytics account

Once you are logged into Google Analytics with your Google account/email address, you will see if you have a website/websites connected to your email account. If you don’t see any websites there are a few possible reasons.

You could have more accounts connected to Google and you should try another email and see if that takes you into Google Analytics.

Someone has helped you set up Google Analytics and that person has not invited you to be an administrator of this Google Analytics connection.

how to check website traffic for free google analytics