How to get your website to show up on Google?

So you have just launched your website but your pages do not come up when you put a search in for your website, and you think “how is that possible that my website is not coming on Google search engine”?

First steps for a new launched website

– How do I get my website to show up on Google? I can’t find it?

That is a very a common website question, and the reality is that a newly registered and launched website may take up to 2-3 weeks before your website is so-called indexed by the search engines. However, if you or someone else types in the exact domain name or the URL the browser, then your website will come up and be visible to anyone.

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It takes time to gain Google’s trust and start ranking

There is a lot of research in this area, and studies show that if you are starting a new website now, then you may have to wait for 3-4 months to see your first ranking results and traffic from Google. A large part is how much content you have on your website, and how you technically write your content for Google to trust your business.

However, what many website owners fail to recognise is that Google will always look after those websites who supports Google. What we mean by that is as a local business there are few things that are more important for your off-page search engine optimisation (SEO) and ranking than anything else.

These are the

8 most important first steps to kick-start your website’s Google ranking.

  1. Help Google indexing your website
  2. Google My Business
  3. Google reviews
  4. Ask your friends to Google your business
  5. Create an email signature for number of visitors
  6. Google will notice your social media links
  7. Google will check local directories

Speed up your website and page indexing on Google

Google offers many fantastic free tools, one of them is the so-called Google Search Console. With this, you can make the settings and ask for indexing your website rather than waiting for Google to discover it by crawling the internet. This will speed up the process and it might then only take a few hours. If you would like help with this, please ask for a quote. Price is dependent on the number of pages to manually add for indexing.

This is how you check if Google has indexed your website

Put into Google:

site: (your URL and no spaces)

See example below:

website indexing by google
If you get a search result and some of your pages, or just one of your pages, then Google has indexed it or them.  If you cannot see all your pages, then Google has not indexed all of them.

There is no guarantee that Google will index all of them. We have no control over this.

Google will only index pages that it thinks are relevant and good for anyone searching the internet. If your website has too few words on the page, and text that is not informative, Google might choose not to index. This can change over time. If you start getting traffic to those pages, then Google might decide to index them after all.


Setting up a Google my business page is a must to even have a chance for your website to be on the first page!

Before even doing anything else, please make sure that you add your website and business to Google My Business (GMB), or as it was called before: Google places.

Your business in this directory will give Google an indication that you are a “real and trustworthy” business and are who you say you are. Google will try to match your business profile with data from your website and if successful matches, your website will be more “trusted” and Google can feel more secure showing your website higher up in a search, so to speak.

A Google my business page is free, considered as one of the most important rank factors, and will nowadays allow you to upload images, add videos, add your services, and much more.

The more you do for Google, the more Google will do for you! List your business!

Google will need you to verify your business by sending you a postcard once you have set it up. This might take some time, so be patient.

Get started with your GMB :

If you need more help with setting up your GMB, here is a step by step instruction page by Semrush: “The Ultimate Guide to Google My Business for 2021”

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By working hard on your Google reviews, you may not need to ask:
how much does is cost to get your website first on Google”!

Google my business page reviews, which are also called local business reviews, are the third major ranking signal for Google for local business websites.

All consumers and business owners today know the importance of having great reviews on Google or on product reviews websites or forums. The main reason for that of course is if you can have someone who has done business with you to then endorse you, that will make others confident that they also will have a great customer experience.

But the real value Google reviews have from a search engine perspective is not only the fact that customers can read about what others are saying about your business, it’s once again, using a Google tool, and that will enhance your prospects to climb your ranking. Google will trust that you are a business and that you are happy for people to review your business. This will make Google trust you as a business and “recommend” your website in a search.

google reviews website

So my advice is: Get some of your good customers’ reviews your website asap!

I can help with setting up a direct link to your review page ones you have your Google My Business up and running. That can be added to your website and we will make it easier for your customers to find your GMB and give you a review.

google review link

Asking your friends to Google your business name is yet another step towards realising your goal of showing up on first page of Google!

This is probably the easiest step of many to take when you are aiming to be on the first Google page in the future.

If your website is just freshly launched, it might not be so easy to find your website, but eventually, it will and the search for your business is giving Google a signal that your business is sought after.  So the fact is, the more people that actually search your brand or company, the better it is. So, get 20 of your friends to Google your company name and click on your website. Your friends should then click on the link to your website and have a look around at all your pages and preferably stay for a few minutes. This will give Google a signal that your website is interesting and informative.

Just bear in mind that it does not help if you do this on your own as it would be from the same IP address, and Google would not care about that.

google your business name

Creating customer curiosity through an email signature is great as Google counts every click to your website!

Another quite simple step you can take when aiming to improve your ranking on Google is to just add your website URL and link it in your email signature. Hopefully, people will get curious and click and visit your website. This will start generating traffic to your website and Google is counting every visit you have, and how long they stay, and much more. You now need as many as possible to visit your website.
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Ensure you use Google social media links is a good step towards getting your business to show up on Google search!

Most people have come to realise the power social media has today; and so, it will to your business as well. And if you are a small local business owner, you can take great advantage of it to support your business.

The Google search engine is the same.  It will notice your engagement with social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram; the more links and post you do on social media to your website, the greater chance for Google to be interested in your website when someone is searching.

But that is not all, as we have said before, Google cares about its own tools, platforms, and engines. Did you know that Google Plus is a social network from Google, and above all, that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world; and it is owned by Google as well.

As Google is counting social media links on the internet, linking to your website is the way forward, and if you have many, it will recognise that your website creating interest to many people. So, imagine if your business is actively using Google’s social media platforms and other social media platforms, that will boost your ranking over time.

When we launch your website, we aim to help you with some links and posts to the relevant platforms.

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Google search engine will crawl local directories, and if you show up, then you have a better chance to come up first on Google!

When you are building strategies for your business to succeed locally, you need to think like Google. As mentioned before, using Google My Business is critical, but there are many other business listings you need to be on to show Google that you are operating locally and in the surrounding areas so when a relevant search comes up, the person can be served your page.

A local business listing or so-called citation is an online entry that contains your business Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) along with other details.

There are a lot of directories and websites like Yelp, Foursquare and Yellow Pages where local businesses can create free local business listings.

Here is a list of the most popular Local Directories in Australia / South Australia.

It is an easy job, but it is time consuming. Website Adelaide can help setting them up for you; please ask for a quote.

You will need to provide with all details about your business, a logo and a good business description.