Website design for Adelaide Gaol

website design adelaide

Adelaide Gaol is an exciting place to visit in Adelaide and they have many visitors every month. Adelaide Gaol contacted us as they needed a new modern website that was responsive and where they could post all their tours (event manager) and visitors could buy tickets. They needed a simple system as several members of Adelaide Gaol had to be able to update and work with the content. We found a great event plugin where it is very easy to buy tickets and administer the system. However, after launch and people started buying tickets, we discovered one obstacle. We hope the next update with the plugin will solve this issue.

One of the reasons for WordPress being so popular, is that it is quite easy to use and quick to build a website with why it makes the website price very affordable. However, when you have a specific design in mind, it might not be so easy, and you might need help from a web designer.

Another reason for using WordPress is that there are now thousands of plugins to use, and no need to code special integrated functions. 10 years ago, most of the website integrated functions had to be hand coded, this took a long time and therefore ended up being a bigger investment. With time, we can now offer so many website solutions for a fraction of the price. However, this is also something to keep in mind when using a plugin for WordPress. There are a few folders of codes that some team somewhere have coded and put together for us to use, why we might not be able to adapt it 100% to the clients’ needs. Very often, those needs would not come to surface until the website is up and running and we and the client have been able to test and use it.

Visit Adelaide Gaols website and we highly recommend their tours. Maybe you dare to buy a ticket to the Ghost Tour?