What is the website design process?

Launching a website can feel like a huge project. I will try to make it as smooth and easy as possible.

What does Website Adelaide need from you before we start:

  • The text for the different pages supplied in a word document.
  • Company logo if you have one.
  • The images you want to include on your website
  • We will discuss over the phone / skype what your design wishes are, the look you would like on your website and the details regarding the website build.
  • Your control panel of your hosting if you want to stay with your current one. If you don’t have hosting already, we will help with this process. See details about this below.

What is the process ones we start building:

  • You will get a first page suggestion of your website.
  • Once you have approved and are happy with the page, I can continue building the other pages.
  • I will build the rest of the website and again await your approval.
  • When you are happy with the website, I will launch and give you a login to the backend of the WordPress administration.

Step by step website guidance


Write down what pages you want for your website.

A typical small business website would maybe include:

  • Home page
  • About us page
  • Our Services
  • Contact us
  • Anything else


Make it very clear to the visitor what you are offering / selling.

You have a few second to convince the visitors that they have landed on the right page / website. Work with good keyword phrases which mean – words where you would like to come up high in a Google search. Use words that your target audience is searching for when you would like your website to be found. More about on-page SEO, search engine optimasation.


We need your Text / Copy of your website

When you write your text for the website, we ask you to read it through carefully. If a page is just straight text and not much layout, it will be quite easy to change the text after launch. However, if we create a more interesting layout, it takes a long time for us to go through the text and make changes as the text will be placed in “small boxes” called modules. We will do 2 free revision of parts of the text once you have sent it to us.


Authentic Images

If you have any images of you or your business it definitely helps! It gives credibility and gains trust. Googles robots look at the images on your website and if you have a stock photo from the internet, Google will not trust your business as much as your competitors who has genuine images. Having your own images on your website will help your search engine optimisation.



If you many images it can be a bit heavy to send it all by email. We prefer getting images by Dropbox. If you don’t have a Dropbox account, we will create a folder for you and send you an invitation to that folder. You then just need to click and upload images to that folder and it saves both you and us a lot of time.

Be selective

We kindly ask you not to send us only the ones you want to use.


Logo / Company profile

We would like you to send us your logo if you have one. We will make sure that the colour scheme on the website works well with your logo. If you have a logo in png with a transparent background, it always helps. Image formats that are good for a website are png, jpg and gif and pdf is not an image file.


Preferred website design

If there is a website you like the look and feel of, it helps us with the design. As we don’t create mockups to save your money and our time, we start building your website once we have an understanding of what you want. If you have no particular wishes, we are happy to be creative. We always build 1 page first and make all adjustments and changes with your feedback. Once that page is approved by you, the rest of the website is quicker and easier to build.


Website Hosting and Domain name

You will need to give us access to your hosting company and server. This is where we build your website. If you already have hosting, we can build the website on that server.

We highly recommend and work closely with: http://dezyne.net/services/. When you have hosting with Dezyne.net, you will be able to set up as many emails as you like and you will have a control panel that is standard today with any of the biggest and better hosting companies.

If you are happy to go with Joel Williams at Dezyne.net, we will introduce you by email and get that process started. He will then send us access details and all we need, where we can start building your website. ($66/year for hosting)

You will also need a domain name for your website and if you don’t have one registered yet, Joel Williams at the hosting company will help you with registering. A domain name is a URL: www.something.com.au as an example.

Summary of what we need from you to get started with your website:

  • The name of each page.
  • Text for each page. All contact details for the contact page.
  • The images you want to include.
  • Your logo
  • Access to your web hosting services where we build your website.

Get a quote for a new website or a redesign of an existing website.