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Single page website, also called one page website

If you don’t have much website text and information, then a single page website could be the a good start for you.

Single page website design

Single page websites / or sometimes they might be landing pages, are getting more and more popular. A single page website is particularly good for a business that just need something up and running quickly to have some sort of internet presence, but they are also user friendly when people visiting the website from a mobile or a smaller device. Instead of having to click on the menu to visit another page, they will just be able to scroll and stay on the same page.

With a single page website you can focus on quality and not quantity.

Single page websites are therefore:

  • Good for smaller websites and websites with very little text content
  • Better SEO when the website does not have more than 500 words per page.
  • Better user experience as not much pages to navigate to instead all information will be on one page.
  • Mobile friendly as the visitor does not have to keep changing page
  • Website can easily grow in the future
  • Google likes a website that is a few years old, and not a new one. Register a domain name, build a single page website as soon as you can, and in time build a bigger website to rank higher in Google. Plan for the future!

Price guide: $750

Example of what a single page website could look like and what content it could have.

single page website design adelaide

This is what’s included in a single page website

Examples of single page websites

Some of the websites below, might have grown and pages can easily be added to any sized website.

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