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Single page websites / Landing pages

If your site content is going to be minimal then single page website is the right choice for you.

Single page websites / or sometimes they might be landing pages, are getting more and more popular. A single page website is particularly good for a business that just need something up and running quickly to have some sort of website presence, but they are also great for people visiting the website from a mobile or a smaller device. Instead of having to click on the menu to visit another page, they will just be able to scroll and stay on the same page. Smart phones encourage scrolling and we are now accustomed to scrolling for information, it is often easier to scroll for information than to click.


With a single page website you can focus on quality and not quantity.

Single page websites are therefore:

  • Good for smaller websites and websites with very little text content
  • Better SEO when the website does not have more than 500 words per page.
  • Better user experience as not much pages to navigate to instead all information will be on one page.
  • Mobile friendly as the visitor does not have to keep changing page
  • Website can easily grow in the future
  • Google likes a website that is a few years old, and not a new one. Register a domain name, build a single page website as soon as you can, and in time build a bigger website to rank higher in Google. Plan for the future!

Example of what a single page website could look like and what content it could have.

single page website design adelaide

Single page website

Web design for small businesses
$ 500
  • Installation and build of a website in WordPress
  • The WordPress website can grow endlessly and is one of the most used systems for web design
  • Website will be fully responsive and working nicely on mobiles and any other devices.
  • You will have access to the back-end and full administration right once it is launched
  • Easy to administer, add and change content to the website
  • Website will be designed and customised to match the tone and feel of your business profile and logo
  • 1 long single page website with all the text/copy info about business
  • A contact form
  • A live Google map
  • A gallery with up to 20 images
  • 1 slideshow with up to 5 images
  • 1 main menu at the top to navigate quickly down on the page
  • Links to social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and more. Up to 5 links included.
  • We source up to 5 free stock images
  • 2 free revisions of text content included
  • SEO – plugin installed for good meta description and title
  • Search engine friendly xml sitemap created and submitted to Google
  • 3 months email support of existing content
  • Fast turn around – completion of website is max 2 weeks once all text / copy and images received
  • If you need anything else, please contact us!

Other costs?

Running costs and maintenance
$66 + $20
  • Domain name for your website ( is 20 dollars per year)
  • Hosting for your website, this is where you website will be placed/hosted. Hosting package vary and we highly recommend Joel Williams for Dezyne in Adelaide who charges $66/year. for best hosting and as many emails as you like and more.
  • Updates and support after 3 months. Things on the internet is constantly changing and updating, and so does the WordPress system. Frequency of the update will depend on how many plugins your website uses, but minimum 2 times per year is recommended with an overall update and look. Ask for quote. We are looking into the option of a yearly contract for maintenance.
  • Updating your content such as text on your pages is something you will be able to do yourself. If you want us to do this, we are happy to help. Just plain text changes on 1 page is max $50 (1 hour work).
  • $50 per hour for any maintenance work. We are happy to quote and fix a price for any job.

Examples of single page websites.

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