Website design for marketing consultant in Adelaide

website design for marketing consultant in Adelaide
website design for marketing consultant in Adelaide

Marketing Consultant Adelaide

Mikael Svensson has held senior corporate and international marketing positions for over 20 years. As he wanted to change his career direction, and to work independently as a strategic marketing consultant, he knew that a well performing website in the search engines would be a critical part of building long-term success to attract prospective customers.

The website goals where clear. Ending up on first page on Google and Bing with selected keywords within 12 months, while not spending any money on Google AdWords. This should be done by embracing the expert advice from Website Adelaide.

In order for his website to rank on Google or Bing over time, he accepted that building a high-performing website is so much more than creating great design, look and feel. The website needs to be combined with SEO, Search Engine Optimisation from start, and this couldn’t be an afterthought.

Strategic Marketing Consultant

A keyword selection is not done on a whim, it is based on solid research. One of the main question Website Adelaide had “What is the market you want to compete in”? The market for marketing consultants in Australia is large and is made up of many different segments. There are global marketing firms, there are the local leading marketing agencies, there are specialist digital marketing companies, and there is large number of marketing consultants and marketing outsourcing companies. All competing to be on the first page with relevant marketing keywords.
So, the question is How does compete? The answer was simple; You don’t need to compete with them all! You only need to compete with your competitor in specific areas or locations, where selective keyword will be associated with his marketing services offers. Think of this as selecting a distinct target market, with a unique differentiation.

Website Adelaide suggested a few essential keywords, for example Adelaide marketing services, that became fundamental when writing the content.

No matter how much content you write, it needs to be relevant. Whilst it maybe broad, you need to go into depth and be narrow with some of it. If so, Google will see this as a signal that you are a specialist in your area and will therefore provide better chances to rank better.

With an additional list of areas to cover, the website Marketing Value Creation was successfully launched for this marketing firm in Adelaide.

And six months later, the goal has been reached. The website is ranking on the first page for both Google and Bing searches for the selected keyword phrase.

website design for marketing consultant in Adelaide

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