Rebuild website in WordPress to function well

rebuild website in WordPress and Divi
rebuild website in WordPress and Divi

Rebuild a WordPress website with Divi

Emily, the business owner of New Black Design and an interior designer, was referred to me for help with her WordPress website.

Her website was new and had an attractive design and layout but was not functioning well. After looking into the backend, I noticed multiple concerns. There were several plugins slowing down the system, countless heavy images and the theme itself was not flexible for changes. This combination was causing different issues and I knew that this would be sorted if I rebuilt the website.

For website design assignments like this, I will charge per hour. This cost is significantly less than designing a new website.

Whilst rebuilding her website, I would give her suggestions on approvements for on-page SEO and I always implement the best on-page SEO possible with the content provided.

Rebuilding the website with Divi theme

I rebuilt the website using a theme called Divi. Divi is the theme I have been using for the past 6 years building websites for small business in Adelaide and around. Divi is remarkably flexible and superb to work with, allowing me to recreate the same design swiftly. Emily will be able to update and work with the content herself, should she wish to.

Emily was thrilled with the result. The website is now working smoothly, nicely and efficently, with her website now scoring 82 out of 100 with the Google website speed test.

rebuild website in WordPress and Divi