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Web designer in Adelaide

I first built a website in 1997 (oh, that makes me realise my age!) and with some hands-on experience. combined with limited web designer competition at that time in Sweden, this landed me my first web designer job at Scandinavia’s biggest health website. That gave me a fantastic opportunity to work very closely with web designers, web developers and programmers early on in my career to learn the art of web design.

I have a Dietitian degree, but with a keen interest in new technology and influenced by the internet boom in Sweden during the 90s I decided early on that I wanted to work to change my path. I have not looked back since. I love building websites and stay on top of the trends and I keep learning new ways of working with the internet, as it is constantly changing.

I build small to medium sized professional business websites

When I moved to Adelaide, Australia in 2012 I started to build and design my websites in WordPress rather than using Joomla Content Management System which was the system I use to work with when I lived in London for 10 years.

I found that building websites for small to mid-sized businesses in WordPress is much faster, easier and affordable for the client and given that WordPress has continuously developed it’s system it has today become an outstanding content management system for developing websites.

Big business website portfolio

With a big portfolio of websites for South Australian clients, Website Adelaide offers small and mid-size businesses affordable and professional looking websites which are SEO friendly (something the search engines likes). We also want to make sure that the websites we build are easy to update and can be added to by the client. As well as building a web platform which allows for continuous development when the client wants to ensure the site stays fresh and modern. Using WordPress for building websites ticks all these boxes.

Another large benefit to you when a website is built in WordPress is that the client can take their website to most other website designers for help and updates. I strongly believe that the client should be the owner of the website and if they want to, be able to take it to any other hosting company or web designer whenever they wish to do so.

When you work with Website Adelaide then you can be sure that the website is owned by you! Love your website!

Web design and web construction with Website Adelaide

My website designer and colleague Anna Sandstrom

One of the advantages of working on the internet, is that our clients can come from all over the world. Since Website Adelaide has many clients from Europe, it is fantastic to be able to work with my great friend Anna Sandström from Malmö, Sweden, who owns and operates her business . Anna focuses mainly on the customer service with our European clients. Her eye for details is a great asset to our team; she never gives up and always finds professional solutions to any website issue. She is a great web designer and we work very efficiently and effectively together to create modern websites.

A satisfied customer is everything for us. We will not launch a website until the customer is satisfied with our work. It is important that a website has a good structure, fulfills its purpose, and has a beautiful design. Anna

Web designer, AS Webstudio

We work closely with:

Website Hosting with a local business

Engaging a great web hosting company is critical when making your website a success. Website Adelaide works with Joel Williams who has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of web hosting. We always recommend all our local clients to Joel as our first choice due to his quick response time, amazing price and being a local business owner.  He provides superior service to his clients and when you use his web hosting you will receive a big control panel in a similar way as large expensive hosting companies; and you can add how many emails you want to your business.

Website Adelaide has sent an extensive list of new clients to Joel, and every time they keep telling us that they are amazed with his quick and easy turnaround time. Our recommendation is that you go with Joel Williams, when you launch your website.

……and all of this for only $66/year.

Website hosting services
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