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Website Shop for Paradox Protein, cricket-based supplements in the USA and UK

website design shop order woocommerce wordpress

Website design with shop

Paradox Protein approached Colette Chorley our marketing partner, to help them market their cricket-based supplements in the USA and UK. Paradox Protein had a basic Shopify website but the brand focused on crickets being an insect rather than a superfood. Colette wanted to move the products into a lifestyle category and market them as superfood supplements. She worked with Allison the owner of the business to create a new look and feel for the brand, but they were unable to create the desired look using the Shopify platform as it lacked the design flexibility needed. This is when they came to us for help.

Website Adelaide rebuilt the website in WordPress using WooCommerce for the shop functions so Paradox Protein could have a beautiful looking website with a functional shopfront. The result was a gorgeous 9-page e-commerce website, with a shop, product pages, blogs, recipes etc along with beautiful lifestyle photography. The client was so happy with the new look that they created a look-alike website for the UK.

website design shop order woocommerce wordpress