Website redesign for Furniture Design Australia

Website Design for furniture store Adelaide
Website Design for furniture store Adelaide

Ecommerce website design for Furniture Design Australia

The previous websites

Furniture Design Australia is a family-owned business established in Adelaide in 1993. Since its beginning, it has been committed to crafting and designing beautiful timber furniture. As their business grew, they continued developing new furniture ideas and designs to provide contemporary elegance for Australian homes.

Furniture Design Australia has gone through a few iterations of websites in the last few years. Their first website had limited information and imagery and did not showcase their skilled craft or unique design style. Their second website attempted to sell their furniture products online through an e-commerce website. However, it was not set up to use any ecommerce functionalities and instead used enquiry forms while removing most of the previous content and imagery. The previous websites had limited traffic.


The new web design

We established some early goals with the new website at the project’s beginning. First, we needed to create a strong visual first impression and re-positioning Furniture Design Australia, now bringing “Inspirational furniture design for modern dining spaces”. And making sure that the new website’s feel and look match the core values of their brand and focus of their business.

As they have two main furniture collections, it was essential to balance featuring both collections and using a selection of existing imagery to showcase the beautiful and contemporary design for both. 

As Furniture Design Australia has its modern showroom at Anzac Highway in Adelaide, the area a go-to destination for furniture shoppers, it was essential to feature the showroom upfront, the location, and what to expect if you are a prospective visitor. From the outside, they have a modest entry; however, coming inside, they have a large, spacious, contemporary showroom with unique floor stock.

Hence, the new website features an in-store video and their location to ensure furniture shoppers make this a natural stop on Anzac Highway when buying dining tables, dining chairs, stools, and other complementary furniture for dining spaces.  

Finally, a clear goal with the new website was to transition into a trustworthy online shop, using the e-commerce platforms’ capabilities and making it easy for customers to buy online, with clear product pages, descriptions, and critical information. 

The new online shop aims to eventually feature 100% of Furniture Design Australia’s products, and the launch of the new website marks the start of a new journey to provide a better online shopping experience, supported by their modern showroom where customers can first-hand experience their beautiful furniture design.

The previous website

Their previous website was underselling the business. When customers landed on their home page, their two businesses needed to be better visually integrated, and what they offered to customers needed to be clarified. It needed to be more intuitive that the business catered for homeowners and trade professionals, and the scope and scale of the operations was underselling itself.

With an extensive range of wood heaters and brands, the old website promote the breadth of their heater selections and professional expertise in this area. It lacked critical information that prospective customers would expect when browsing and ordering products online.

For many homeowners buying a contemporary wood heater, it’s essential to see it in situ and experience the fine details before buying online. Yet, their showroom with all the displays was not highlighted.  

The new website design

The new website’s primary goal was to create a strong visual first impression to effectively communicate its offerings and the positive experience customers can expect when visiting the centre.

The new website solution delivers a visually compelling and understandable design with a clear value proposition for Mount Barker Landscape & Adelaide Hills Wood Heating Centre. It also conveys the scope and scale of the operations, what’s inside the showroom, and the large range of their landscape products with bulk buy ordering capabilities.

The website design structure now considers its two distinct target audiences: trade professionals and homeowners. One of the top sections aims to increase the number of visitors to their showroom of heaters, and one to showcase the business capabilities to trades professionals to deliver an extensive range of sand, cement, soils, mulches, firewood and much more.

The new website is now also utilising the eCommerce platform with a well-thought-out design and extended information for customers to improve the online shopping experience across all product categories.

It also features simplified and hassle-free online ordering, especially for trade professionals.

Website Design for furniture store Adelaide

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