Website design project for Bulk Billed Radiology Adelaide

website design for adelaide radiology

Website design with the right keywords in focus

Healthcare Imaging Services contacted me for a new website for their local clinics in and around Adelaide. Being a national service, they wanted a website that was focused on the Adelaide market.

After a meeting with State and Operations managers, I learnt that one of the main goals was to rank high on Google for their target keywords. They agreed with my suggestion of having multiple text-rich pages and focusing on their keywords.

I created a layout suggestion and they were excited and satisfied with my design. Within 2 weeks we were able to launch the website.

Great results on Google

A new website, with a newly registered domain name, requires a lot of effort to start showing up on the first pages of Google.

Today, just a few months after launching, the website is now on the first page of Google when searching “bulk billed radiology Adelaide”. This was the primary goal. The website is now also climbing and on page 2 of Google when searching for “radiology Adelaide“.  These are competitive phrases and therefore this result is fantastic.

I’m very happy with the result and I have great hopes that the website will soon be on the first page of Google for more keyword phrases.

website design for adelaide radiology