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Modern, User-Friendly Website for a Clinical Psychologist

Annemaries is a talented clinical psychologist based in North Adelaide. She contacted me (Website Adelaide) and the objective was: create a fresh, contemporary look for the website and enrich it with engaging content to enhance the user experience.

The Website Challenge:

I noticed that the existing website was a single-page landing page with very limited content. The lack of informative text made it challenging for search engines to understand the website’s purpose and it was difficult to grasp the services and offerings.

The Website Transformation:

To bring the client’s vision to life, I engaged in a close collaboration with her, exploring various strategies to enhance the website’s content. Together, we discussed how she could effectively incorporate and expand the text content, determining the topics that would best represent her services and align with her goals.

A primary focus of our collaboration was identifying relevant keywords that would not only resonate with her target audience but also improve her website’s visibility in search engine results. By strategically including these keywords, we aimed to ensure that search engines fully understood and recognized the value of her offerings.

Throughout our discussions, the client enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to contribute to the content. She took the initiative to write a comprehensive page, showcasing her expertise and insights in a captivating manner. Her dedication to providing valuable information further enriched the website and helped establish her authority in her field.

She already had a logo and a clear brand guide that served as our guiding compass throughout the design process.

Leveraging the existing brand assets, I integrated the psychologist’s logo and adhered to the brand guide’s color palette and typography, ensuring a seamless alignment with her established identity.

Taking cues from the brand guide, I worked on a complete redesign, infusing the website with a modern and inviting aesthetic. The soothing color schemes and purposeful font choices complemented the psychologist’s nurturing approach, creating an atmosphere of trust and comfort for potential clients.

A Seamless Booking System:

The psychologist also desired a user-friendly booking system for her yoga classes, held a few times per month. To address this requirement, we integrated Eventbrite into the website. Annemarie and I tried out a few event platforms, but Eventbrite was the easiest to use and offers great exposure. Now, managing event dates on Eventbrite’s platform is effortless for her, while clients can conveniently book their spots directly on her website.

The Result of the Website Redesign:

I am delighted that my client is very happy with the transformation. The website now showcases her offerings with clarity, providing visitors with an inviting and insightful experience. The improved design, engaging content, and integrated booking system have collectively elevated her online presence, making it easier than ever for potential clients to connect with her services.

I take pride in delivering web designs that not only meet but exceed my clients’ expectations. This project perfectly encapsulates my commitment to creating impactful and user-friendly websites that empower businesses to thrive in the digital landscape.

web design adelaide one page landing page website

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