Ecommerce website rebuild and redesign for Sestra Care

Adaptive clothing for elderly and people with special needs
Adaptive clothing for elderly and people with special needs

Adaptive clothing for elderly and people with special needs

Sestra Care offers adaptive clothing and accessories (for example, bibs for adults and sippy cup lids) for individuals living with disability and the elderly in aged care in home care or nursing homes.

Adina, the owner of Sestra Care, had many problems with the website when she was recommended to talk about the issues and worries to Website Adelaide. The eCommerce store was not functioning, the website was loading extremely slow, and she was nowhere to be found on a Google search.

After a discovery meeting and logging in to the website, I found many issues that were all easy identify but required almost a rebuild of pages. She had been advised by several in the field that she should have the website rebuilt in Shopify and that all the problems were related to WordPress and Woocommerce.

The benefits of using woocommerce for your online store: trusted by 5+ million online stores

More than 30% of all online shops are built with Woocommerce + WordPress. This is a solid and fantastic combination for a robust and very trustworthy system for any sized eCommerce website.

Adina decided to hire me to solve the main issues. After only a few days, she could see that the website was fast, eCommerce and payment were working smoothly, and there were no significant issues anymore.

Optimising for Search: The importance of on-page SEO

The remarkable result convinced her to keep letting me work on all pages and redesign them to approve the SEO (search engine optimisation).

When the new design and structure was launched in December, she sold the same number of products as she had the whole year.

4 months after the relaunch, her top keywords have gone from being ranked “not in the top 100” to page 1 to 5 of Google searches.

Adaptive Clothing Shirts for those with special needs

Adaptive clothing by Sestra Care offers a product range specifically designed for those adapting to new lifestyle needs. Sestra Care seeks to enable individuals to continue living with dignity while they may still require care.

Sestra Care, based in Adelaide, Australia, provides adaptive clothing and accessories to meet the unique needs of the elderly and individuals with disabilities. Our open-back design shirt options for women and men, as well as bibs for adults and silicone cup lids, are designed to aid those living in a home or hospital setting or dealing with diseases affecting their mobility.

Adaptive clothing for elderly and people with special needs
Adaptive clothing for elderly and people with special needs

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