abby_storWordPress offers great opportunities to easily update, change and add content to your website. You can start with a brochure like website with all the important information you want to give your potential clients, and then start planning and drawing up your plans for what you want to add and put there in the future. Get your website out as soon as you can! It can take time for Google to find it and start appreciating it. Google also really likes when websites are updated and you add content regularly. Don’t wait! It can be done in a few days if you are really in a hurry and your online presence will be on its way! With a website on Internet, your new clients will feel more comfortable with using your services as it shows that you are “here to stay”.

Just launched this simple, clean, responsive, WordPress website for a great Yoga Teacher in Adelaide, Abby Takarabe,  and it is a start and now ready for continuous growth.

26/5-2015  Abby have developed a great interest in the possibilities on the internet after this website, and Website Adelaide have helped her with her big new project being launched any day now. Website design and development by Website Adelaide