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Simple overview of the website process

Launching a website can feel like a huge project. I will try to make it as smooth and easy as possible.

datorThe steps in the process with Website Adelaide and creating your website:

Contact me for a chat and a quote

I will ask you what type of website you need, how many pages and few other things before I can quote you.

Colour scheme and logo

If you have a logo or a special colour you like to use, you can send me these so they can be used in the website.

Text content/copy

If you have a brochure describing your services or what you offer, we can use this as a good starting point. It is great if you have any images that can be used in the website.


1SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

During all stages I will advice you of things to think about regarding the search engines, SEO.


A domain name

This is the address that is used in the browser to find your website. You need a contract with a web hosting company and register a domain name. Priced around 60-70 dollars per year.

We agree on design

You can show me a layout you like and I can start building your website.

I value your feedback

I build the website to match your taste and wishes. Email, phone, skype and internet works great during this process.


google-submissionLaunch of you website

I register you website with Google search engine and I will give you some advice of how to get more traffic to your website.


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