Website Design for Small Businesses

We specialise in building websites that are modern, responsive (mobile friendly websites) and built in WordPress. The websites can grow endlessly, can easily be updated and we build with on-page SEO in mind.

You will be the sole owner of the website, our clients have full control and the web hosting is in clients name with a 3rd party. We build and design the website for professional online presence. We are excited with every project and hope you call us soon!

Website designer in Adelaide

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Website design

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WordPress Website Design

Up to 10 pages
Contact form
Live Google map
Links to Social media
and more. 


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Search Engine Optimisation

Up to 10 pages
Meta tags optimisation
Headings / Titles
Media tags
and more. 

E-commerce website

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On-line shop websites

Unlimited product system
We add 30 products for you
Paypal / credit cards payments
Sales are stored
and more. 

Website for your business – $1500

  • Help to register domain name and hosting
  • Website for $1500 with up to 9 pages
  • Design matching your company profile
  • Gallery with up to 20 images
  • Contact page with a contact form
  • On-Page SEO optimised website
  • After received text/max delivery time 2 week
  • Easy to add/change/update content/text in the website
  • Responsive website design (mobile friendly website)
  • Contact Website Adelaide now for a quote!

Website Adelaide

Call Jarka on 0431774337

E-commerce website

Selling products online is becoming very affordable and easy to maintain. We build online shops for clients where they can add and administer the shop themselves. WordPress with Woocommerce is a perfect combination for a small business owners online shop! And as always, the client will be the sole owner of the website and have full control over who can access and work with their website.

Ecommerce / shop website – $2490

  • Help to register domain name and hosting
  • Web shop for $2490
  • Design matching your company profile
  • 20 categories, 30 products
  • Contact page with a form
  • Up to 5 other pages included
  • Easy to add products
  • Easy to change and update
  • Contact Website Adelaide now!

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For business owners who need more info on how to get a website up and running.

Website design business in Adelaide, South Australia

Website Adelaide is based in Adelaide, Hallett Cove, South Australia

We focus on website development and web design for local companies and businesses in Adelaide and South Australia, as well as interstate Australia. We also have clients in Europe and America.


Anything about the web or websites

News, advice and blog. Sharing what comes to mind.


How Your Website Is Your Biggest Marketing Asset

When most of your marketing efforts are performed offline and in-person, it’s hard to see how a website can actually benefit your business.   Even though you may not understand the power of having a website work for you, the facts do not lie.  Companies that have a...

Your website and Google Webmaster Tools

How to connect your webmaster tool account with your website.When you have set up a free Google Webmaster account and you want to connect your website to the system, you will land on a page where you are asked to "Upload an HTML file to your site. ". You do not need...

Website design, SEO and Google

Super simple SEO for your websiteBeing found on Google - or Search Engine Optimisation in other words - may seem very complex but a lot of it is actually very simple. Of course, there are some parts that are difficult to do but interestingly enough the very important...

Website Adelaide for Business Websites


Website Adelaide: The Small Businesses Specialists

I am Jaroslava (Jarka) Vagner Svensson and I have been building websites for many years. I moved to Adelaide 4 years ago and have for the past 2 years focused on setting up my business offering website design in Adelaide. I work closely with my colleague Anna Sandstrom. We have many happy clients in Europe, USA and Mexico and we are quickly expanding our portfolio here in South Australia for different businesses.

Since moving here, to Hallett Cove, I have started using WordPress as a content management system. By using WordPress, it allows us to build a website much faster than we used to years ago, it is much more user friendly, it can grow forever and it is search engine friendly. With a website solution like this, we are able to offer a much more affordable website for small and medium sized businesses.

Contact me now for a chat and with any questions you have – Jarka 043774337 . 

A Website for your business from $1500

A Website for your business does not have to be a big investment. If you are about to start up your own business, you can have a professional looking website online much faster than you might expect. We build websites in WordPress, a very search engine friendly content management system, it can grow endlessly, is easy to maintain and easy to update, ,has a mobile friendly view and many more advantages. It takes time for Google to start appreciating your website so don’t wait too long!

  • WordPress website for your business, up to 10 pages
  • Easy to update, change and maintain. I teach you how to.
  • A gallery and a contact form for your website
  • All in One SEO package installed so you can optimise your website keywords

How to be found on Google or SEO

Google is reading all sorts of areas and codes on your website to understand what your website is offering and what it is about. This is also called on-page search optimisation or on-page SEO. I include this system on websites I build so you can control what Google and other search engines understand of your website.

If you already have a website and you think the on-page SEO could be optimised and you need help with this, I offer an on-page SEO package to small businesses. Read more about this unique offer.

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