Super simple SEO for your website

Being found on Google – or Search Engine Optimisation in other words – may seem very complex but a lot of it is actually very simple. Of course, there are some parts that are difficult to do but interestingly enough the very important parts of SEO on your website are very simple, and that is what you should make sure you have in place.

Keywords for your website – on-page SEO

I will always discuss and ask my clients what their keywords are for their business. These keywords are important for me when I start building their website. With “important keywords”, I mean, what words are you focusing on and that you believe people (potential clients) will type into Google when you would like to be found.

3 keyword phrases for a standard sized website

For a standard small website with less than 500 words per page, I would only focus on a maximum of 3 keyword phrases as these phrases need to be present in page titles, a few headings and in more places of the website. You can read more about what areas are important for on-page SEO in this article.

SEO questions to ask yourself

What keywords are you focusing on?

Does your potential clients use those exact words when you think they are searching for your type of service/product?

If you answer is no, then ask yourself “what will my client type into Google when I want them to find me”. Those, should then be your keywords. 

If the answer is yes, then great, and continue to next questions:

  • How many times can you see / read that particular phrase on your website? Remember that Google can’t read your logo or any other images.
  • Do you have it as a page title anywhere?
  • Do you have it as a heading H1 (main heading) anywhere and maybe at least a few times?
  • Are your headings coded with H1, and H2 instead of styling them big, red and beautiful?
  • Do you have those words again anywhere in the text? And how many times?

If you have answered any of these questions with a ‘no’ or have any doubts in all above questions, then do not proceed to any other type of SEO yet! Have your keyword focus in place and make sure Google can understand what your website is offering / what you are offering.

On-page example (working on a new website today):

rug cleaning services in Adelaide

A very clear message, very clear what services they offer and very clear to Google that they are not looking for a client in Sydney, but in the Adelaide region. We will try to use those words in several important places in the website, we will repeat them, and we will make sure the message comes across very clearly that it is all about cleaning rugs and restoring rugs. That is a good start for on-page SEO.

 What if someone types in the words in Google “carpet cleaners Adelaide”

Well, if those words are not on the website in all the important areas, then your website will most likely not come up in a Google search with those particular words. So, then you will need to add them as well, even create a page for that page title and so on. There are no guarantees with any SEO work, and there is of course so much more to look into, but your on-page SEO is should be your nr1 priority. I put “flat pack furniture Adelaide’ and IKEA did not even come up! And quite simple, they don’t use those keywords on their website either.

You need to help Google, if you want Google to help you. Simple as that!

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