SEO Coaching Case Study

Getting found in Google searches is especially important for small local businesses, who may not have the huge marketing budgets to match their larger rivals.  However, the great news is, that even a small business can be found on page one of Google, by implementing Local SEO strategies.

Coaching An Adelaide Based Copywriter

When Colette Chorley from Colette Chorley Copywriting & Content approached me for help with her website, I knew we could do great things together. Colette wanted to appear on page one of Google for the keyword Copywriter Adelaide.

Always on Page 2 of Google

Whilst Colette’s website had good content, she always seemed to be sitting on page 2 of Google, so organic leads and enquiries were not coming through. Very few people even look on page 2 of a Google search, so even though she ranked for the keyword Copywriter Adelaide, she was invisible on page 2 of Google.

SEO Website Audit

A website audit quickly revealed some areas we could work on, and we scheduled some coaching sessions. The coaching sessions were held online and videoed so that Colette could watch me implement and explain changes step by step. Having these changes on video meant that she could then apply changes to any other pages on her website in future.

Image Optimisation

Colette’s website was a little slow to load and her images were not optimised for SEO. As loading speed is a critical part of ranking, this was the first thing we addressed. We resized her images to speed up her website and renamed the images to incorporate target keywords.

URLs, Meta Tags & Meta Titles

Next came URL structures, title tags and meta descriptions. We made sure all these were optimised for keywords and online visibility.

Headings & Content

Whilst Colette’s content was pretty thorough, we analysed her competitors’ websites to see how much content they had on the pages and what keywords they were ranking for. We then made a few tweaks and changes to the headings & content to ensure she was able to compete with the top-ranking copywriters.

Early SEO Results

After around four to six months, Colette’s website started to rank in position 10 on page one of Google for Copywriter Adelaide. As rankings regularly fluctuate Colette’s website was often ranked between position 10 (last position on the first page of Google) and 12 (position 1 or 2 on page 2 of Google). Whilst this was a fantastic achievement in such a short time, Colette decided she wanted to do more to climb up the rankings.

Internal Linking & Backlinks

One of the key things that the websites on page one of Google had was an authority of 25+ and 100+ backlinks. Together we set about working on domain authority, backlinks and adding more content and linking it to various pages across the website.

Page One of Google In 12 Months

The SEO strategies and tactics took a few months to take effect, but after just 12 months of working together, Colette’s website now sits anywhere between positions 2 and 4 on page one of Google for both Copywriter Adelaide and Copywriting Adelaide keywords.

Dynamic SEO

Your ranking in Google is dynamic, so there is no need to panic if your position changes by a few places every week. We encourage you to keep track of your website analytics using free Google tools such as Google Search Console or Google Analytics .

Colette’s SEO Coaching Testimonial

I can’t thank Jarka enough for her expert SEO coaching. The cost of the coaching sessions was minimal compared to the business I now get from being listed on page one of Google.

Hiring Jarka was way more cost-effective than hiring an SEO agency and means I can always make SEO tweaks and changes as my competitors try to regain their ranking.

Jarka makes everything easy especially by having videos to refer back to. If you are thinking about learning SEO, don’t spend hours wading through YouTube videos let Jarka guide you through step-by-step changes – it’s worth every cent and I can highly recommend her.

Working Together

I now regularly recommend Colette Chorley as a website copywriter to my clients. She has gone on to get an SEO certification, so I know that her content is always optimised for SEO. Her SEO copywriting skills combined with my web design and in-depth on page and technical SEO skills means that when we create websites together, they are always set up for success and optimised for Google.