Paul from Dewing Ergonomics & Safety got a new fresh website in just over a week. He wanted a more contemporary look and start working on the SEO.  The first job now is to make sure all on-page SEO is as good as possible. There is a long list of important factors but a very typical mistake on a website is for example:

H1 = some of the main headings on a website should be coded with H1.

Google reads them with greater interest and they should therefore answer any questions rather than asking questions. It is very important that you think about your headings, and not make the typical mistakes of not including any keywords.

There might be a heading reading: “What we do:”

Instead maybe write “Our Ergonomics and Safety Services include;

This way you include your keywords in the so important code line of H1 and the search engines will better understand your website is about.

On-Page SEO is your first step towards a better place in the search engines.

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