On-page SEO package for your website, targeting search engines

No business wants to be on page 2 in Google!

On-page SEO is optimising your website with the keywords so Google and other search engines understand what your website is about. It is not about a fix and getting your website on the first page of Google for whatever your keyword phrase is. If it was that simple, no one would be on the second page. It is as simple as that. But if you plan to work with your website and do internet marketing you are heading the right direction! This can also be called Off-Page SEO. Off-Page SEO is all the good stuff you can do on the web that will boost your websites ranking. This is extremely important once all your On-Page SEO is optimised. With the whole package, you website might lead you to more money as internet is just filled with potential clients.

On-Page SEO for websites

Without the On-Page SEO on your website, Google and the search engines might interpret your website as something completely different. There are many areas in the website that the search engines read and regard as very important information. If those areas have the wrong keywords, you will not get anywhere in a relevant search and you are wasting your money on different internet marketing strategies.

No guarantees

There are no guarantees with Google. Google changes its logarithms many times a year, but we have to remember that Google is doing its best to give you the most relevant and interesting search result, and not a search result that only big corporate companies could pay for. It will crawl all website, try to understand the information in all the different areas and then present you with something it is hoping you will be happy with.

Good News about SEO

Our job as a website owner and me as a web designer is to build a website with content that will make your potential client happy, as simple as that. And what makes a potential client happy? A website with a lot of great information about the products or the services you are offering. Again I am afraid, as simple as that. When you have a lot of great information for the internet visitor, then you have come a long way and you should optimise your website for the search engines.

On-Page SEO package for a website:

Up to 10 pages includes the following information.

We discuss your website and you give me an idea of your keyword phrase and your keywords for your business. When we have a strategy for keyword phrases and / or keyword phrase I will do this for you: SEO optimise:

  • your meta title tags for all your pages on your website
  • your meta description tags for all your pages on your website
  • your page titles on every page of your website
  • your headings on your pages and make sure you have H1 headings on every page with good keywords and relevant information. If you have enough text on your page, we should add more than H1 headings, at least H2 heading and if possible even more.
  • Your images on your website, up to 20 images included in this package. Images should have at least image title and image alt tags for optimised on-page SEO.
  • Your content, count the words and make sure you have enough keywords and related words. Keyword density is relevant here and if too much content and text is missing I will ask you for more text to be added. Every page on a website should have at least 500 words to be interesting for the search engines.
  • Linking between pages. I will make sure you have enough links between your pages and the words that are relevant to the landing page and good keywords are linked. This is also important in a SEO strategy.
  • Bold text is considered as interesting text and important text for the search engines. You should have at least somewhere on your website your optimised keywords made bold.
  • A sitemap. The search engines likes sitemaps and it is a great way of showing what pages you have and describe them with relevant and good keywords.

This on-page SEO package is offered to all WordPress website, Joomla websites and Html coded websites. For all other systems or web design services please request a quote.

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