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Keywords for you business website

Make Google understand what you are offering your website visitors loud and clear

Keyword phrase on the website

Using the right keywords on your site is the important first steps in good search engine optimisation (SEO).

Website Adelaide for on-page optimisation

Keywords could be compared to what someone writes into the search box in a search engine. The words on your website will be compared to the words in the search box and if you have a good keyword density* the more relevancy the search engine will assign to your page in the search results. The search engine will come back with a list of web pages, with content that relates to the keyword used.

Checklist for keyword phrase on websites

  • What do you think your potential clients would put in the Google search box?
  • Concentrate on keywords likely to be used by potential customers
  • 1 keyword = not enough
  • Use a keyword phrase, maybe 3-4 words
  • Use your keywords on every page – no keyword stuffing*
  • Your keywords should not be less than 2-3% of total content. There are many sites where you can check the keyword density*:
  • Take into account what the competition are doing
  • Use words the public would use, not your professional words. Example:  people search “broken arm” a clinic might write “fractured upper arm bone”
  • Most important keywords should be as high up on the page as possible, not the end
  • Use other words on your website that is associated with your keywords, this will enhance the importance of your keywords
  • The Meta Title is probably the most important code on the website. The meta title should be different on every page and preferably the keywords should be in the beginning of the phrase.  Keep in mind that the words in your meta titles are being matched with the copy/text of your webpage, and if the words are not present anywhere on that particular page, it will not enhance your SEO.
  • The Meta Keyword Tag that is a code you can add should be a list of words that represents your website. It is easy to get carried away with lots of good keywords but the rule is that this code should not contain more than 256 characters.
  • Another code on every page of your website is the Meta Description Tag and this one should not be more than 156 characters. This is a “selling sentence about your website” that is often visible in the search result. Try to use good keywords in this sentence but again it has to represent the content/copy/text of the specific webpage.
  • The headings on all pages are extra important for the search engines why it is important to have good keywords in some of them. Remember that the main heading, coded H1, is most important heading regarding SEO.
  • Try to divide your page in sections with more than one heading, coded all the way from H2-H6 and use good keywords in the headings and words associated with what your website is about. A heading saying – About us – does not mean anything to the search engines.

Keyword Density: The % of times a keyword, Keyword phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page/website. In SEO keyword density can be used to determining whether a web page is relevant to a specified search. Keyword Stuffing: Search engines often penalize a site if they discovers keyword stuffing, as this practice is considered poor netiquette, and some search engines will even ban the offending Web pages from their search results.

How do I choose the right keywords?

You can check how often specific keywords are used in a great free tool by Google: Google Keyword Planner

or try this direct link:

Beating the competition

Most of your competitors are probably using SEO on their websites too, and some may have a big budget for this. Trying to compete for single keywords is probably hopeless. Try instead to look for longer phrases that match to what your target market is and try to include names of area where you are offering your services. Don’t compete with the world, use local area words, villages, towns and names of locations Order a SEO report or SEO assessment for only 25 dollars If you already think you have your keywords and the copy in place but are unsure of how well these words are doing with the search engines, you can have a very detailed report with the analysis of your website. Learn more about the SEO report / SEO assessment here … Website Adelaide is very happy to help you find the right keywords for your website. Call 0431774337 or email.  

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