How popular are your website keywords?

Are people really searching in Google the main keywords your website is focused on?
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A simple numbered excel sheet with search traffic. Suitable for small business owners.


Do you need to discuss what keywords are and if you have any?

SEO and keywords

A big part of SEO on your website is about focusing on the right keywords. You might focus on a keyword phrase, for example: “website design company for small business” and it turns out that 10 (not a lot, but still 10 people and therefore potential customers per month) actually search: “small business website design services” .Thus it would be much better if you used that phrase a few times in the important areas of the website and target those potential clients.

Small business SEO services

Find out how many people search per month for certain keywords/keyword phrases. We will send you an excel sheet with the numbers we extracted from the Google Keyword Planner tool. This tool is meant for advertisers, but it does gives a rough idea of traffic levels. Google doesn’t make any promises of the numbers to be exact, so they are more directional, but they will definitely give you an idea if you are on the right track or not.

You can register for free with Google AdWords and find out yourself.

Just go to the tool option “Get search volume data and trends.” once you have a Google AdWords account. If you want our help, we will send you the stats!

Price: $40

An invoice will be sent to your email. Payment options: Direct Debit / Paypal

You can fill in the from below with maximum 10 keywords / keyword phrases, see example how to fill in. Or, you can download this excel sheet and instead: Keyword example. By filling in the keyword phrases in the excel sheet, 1 phrase per cell, you can include up to 30 keywords / keyword phrases instead.

Attach and send you excel sheet to info[@] and we will take your order from there.

Keyword Search Traffic

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See example on how to fill in the form:
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