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How to add your site to Google Search Console

(used to be called Google Webmaster Tool)

Set up a free Google Search console account. In the process of where you want to connect the account to your website, you will land on a page where you are asked to “Upload an HTML file to your site. “. You do not need to do that. Here is some help on how to connect the two platforms together.

website help google webmaster tools

Skip the above default landing tab and press on the tab saying “Alternative methods” and tick the box saying “HTML tag”.

website help google webmaster tools

Copy and paste the tag into any type of text document, maybe Word or a Notepad.

Then copy only the numbers following the code content=”. You should have a long row of numbers and letters.

In another browser tab, have your WordPress website admin page open. If you are a client to Website Adelaide, you will have a plugin installed called “All in One SEO”. If you don’t have All in One SEO, you might have a plugin called Yoast instead, and you will find the same thing in their settings. Some themes also come with a place where you can connect your website with Google Webmaster tools.

Connect website with Google search console

Go into the General Settings and scroll down until you see Webmaster Tools 

Connect website with Google search console

Paste your code in the field and press the save button that is further down the page.

Now go back to the tab where you had the Google Webmaster open and press the button Verify.

Connect website with Google search console

That should be all. Your WordPress website and your Google Webmaster should now be connected and you can use all the free services in there.