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Email account setup

Your Domain name email –  as many as you like

Most of my clients have hosting with, the hosting business in Adelaide that recommend. Simple reason is, with his hosting, I have no problems and it allows us to work professionally with the tools we need to build a website effectively. I work closely with Joel Williams who owns the business, and I could not run my business if it was not for his hassle free and good hosting package!

With his hosting, you will have a login to your control panel. This is where you set up your emails and other options. However, you will most likely want to set up emails with your domain name. Whatever domain name you have, you will then be able to put any name in front of the domain name, for example, or

Here is a video that will show you the steps on how to do this. It is not difficult at all, ones you know were to go and what to do.

If you still have problems setting your emails up, you may buy Joels services where he by remote control to your computer can help you set it all up.