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How to add images into a Dropbox folder

Here is how you can add images into a Dropbox folder that I have prepared for you.
You need to go to and use the user name . The password will be emailed to you.

On the first page you go to sign in instead of Create an account. I have already created and account that you will use.


Next, you will be taken to a page where there will be a folder ready for you to upload to, with your name on the folder.


Click on that folder and it will open. It will probably have a symbol for folder is empty. You will then click on the icon in the top right that says Upload when mouse over.


Next step is to click on the “Choose file” button and it will take you to your computer files.


Here, you pick all the images you want. To highlight many, you can press shift and highlighting all the images you would like to upload.


A small widow will show all the images it is going to upload. You can just wait until the upload is green, and then press Done. Or you can press the button Add more files if you want to add more.


When you press Done, you will be taken to the folder where all uploaded images will be displayed. If you want to add more pictures, you just press the Upload icon in the top right again and follow the same steps.


Hopefully all good and done. Once you are happy with all images, please don’t forget to log out.


Send me an email that you have put your images there and I can start working! Well done!

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